20 September, 2021

Benefits of Self Hosted: 8 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Own Videos

Online video consumption has so far been rapidly growing in popularity with all sorts of interested viewers. The broadcasting industry has been witnessing a huge upsurge since the pandemic. In this time many content owners, video publishers, and other businesses find online video content to market in various ways and inclined purposes. They even search “how to host my own videos”.

Here comes an article where you can find several answers to queries like how can I self host my videos and things that you were looking for.

When you decide to own cast your customized video streaming hosting platform, delve deeper to know how it actually works!

What is Self Hosted Video Streaming?

Just imagine, if you have complete control over your self-hosted video streaming platform

You can upload your curated video files to the same server where your streaming solution is hosted. Once you explore why to choose a self-hosted video streaming platform, you can showcase your brand across various multimedia channels like web, mobile smart TV and gather potential customers.

Additionally, you will be able to own when to embark on various video-making or streaming business strategies and regulate it totally without any 3rd person’s involvement.

Yes, this is a one-stop solution for repurposing your video marketing business through all-inclusive self-hosted video streaming services.

One of the most important factors to look upon is, normally your video on demand platform with dependent solution providers can provide minimum embedding options to initiate any changes via video broadcasting software.

Whereas, when we consider choosing self-hosted streaming platforms, entirely it is taken charge to develop online video content through meticulous embedded systems that carry lifelong value.

Here are some additional benefits!

Top Benefits of Self-hosted Video Streaming

Privacy and Control

The online streaming space that is purchased by you, can be owned forever without any copycatting or digital rights issue. Step up to own your self-hosted hls video player, carrying longevity-controlled ownership with privacy-barred solutions.

Customizable Design

As you have maximized control over your video workflows, you can also have thematic customizations with respect to its user interface. Now you can leverage managed upgrades to ensure the latest alluring thumbnails within your self-hosted video hosting networks.

Control On Audience

The key aspect that controls your entire media publishing business is inter-dependent on digital distribution rights that isn’t ever compromised. Since the content streamlining is well monitored, you can choose to distribute among a selective set of demographics at any geo dimension.

No Distractions

With the best self-hosted streaming server take away fears about when to monetize your videos by ingesting ads or making it ad-free. There will not be anyone else’s say regarding decision authority to run your video showbiz and make an all-round performer in the marketplace.

Ads Free

Execute your special chosen video monetization plan enabling ad-block requests. This helps many businesses to organize e-training sessions where video content is incorporated without any in-between digital ad ingests making it curative.

Analytics and Monetization

video analytics and monetization

Now meticulously advanced video players are finely monitored with precise analytical tools to check viewer metrics like video views, engagement rates, and optimized media publication. With that, have your chosen best-suited money flow plan for your strategic streaming business.

So far we have been seeing how business leaders can significantly leverage various pluses of self-hosted streaming platforms.

Self Host Video Streaming Platform

8 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Own Videos

1. Ensuring High Security

Secured online video hosting

Get a 100% end-to-end encryption solution for your internal streaming needs. DRM support system SSO security frameworks help to keep your wise audio or video content safe adhering to intellectual property rights.

2. Flexibility to Leverage

Use a totally customized online streaming platform with a self-hosted video server where you can deploy functionalities within maximized range of capabilities. You can utilize SaaP-based solutions flexibly. They can be integrated into on-premises or on cloud hosting servers.

3. Streaming Videos Under your Own Host

If you have procured one dedicated self-hosted video streaming server that enables you to leverage the freedom to host your own set of creative videos. Empower your content publishing strategies with no 3rd party association and drive user engagement on your own.

4. No 3rd Party Involvement to Delete Video Contents

In general, some of the video hosting solutions can approach your special video works easily and unduly withdraw them without your knowledge. But once you have got your own hosted streaming platform you will have entire access controls and not delete them without any notice.

5. Complete Revenue Control

Capture viewer’s attention with compelling content that you sell with your own price-set revenue models. They can strategize their stimulant video sales with major monetization models like AVOD, TVOD, or SVOD. Along with that they can explore catch up tv, coupons promotion dais

6. CopyRight of Own Videos

copyright online video platform

There isn’t any question for unauthorized access or meddling with your creative ideas put into media formats since complete control of your platform with all codecs is given to you. Discard your infringement worries with durable security checkssolutions.

7. Content Accessibility

The vital accessibility zones of your curated broadcasting content is highly protected with pivotal login protocols within your self-hosted video streaming hosting solution. Allow only paid customers to access for ensuring videos aren’t viewed before nor pirated by anyone else.

8. Own Rule with No Dependence

Develop your popular streaming business at your own pace with complete independence over your customized platform. Regulate, track and measure your success without owing anything to anyone. Get set to perform amongst top streaming players have significant ROIs

Summing Up

Overall when you start utilizing your custom-centric self-hosted streaming platform, get a distinguished publishing space encashing exceeding revenue adding with million+ loyal customers. Set high standards of video streaming to accelerate media viewership at peak now!

If you want to Create Video Streaming Platform, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!


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