18 October, 2021

OTT Fitness: How to Make an Online Fitness Program?

Penny Spent WorthWhile Across Fitness Programs  

Investing in health has been a major motivational factor for the millennials of today! The willingness to spend more on fitness by them has been observed by experts in several studies. Social exercise experience, Cross-training, Pilates or Yoga is given a prime focus by Gen-Xers as compared to earlier generations. 

“ Some of the survey studies done on active fitness participants indicate that 87% in the USA pay for gym or workout classes & regard it as a high priority! This is given much importance as many of them pay more than the average on a monthly basis. ”

This gives a clear picture of how the fitness industry has evolved over the period of years indicating high scope to launch an online fitness platform & gain captivating revenue. 

So if you are looking for how to launch a fitness studio online, your search ends here.. You can get the whereabouts of fitness trends & its related information in this article. 

Moving on, after the advancement of digitization you can have your online fitness OTT library within your customized platform and connect with your audience through on-demand classes & live streaming. 

To your knowledge, while observing the online fitness market panned across the Asia Pacific, the image illustrates its substantial growth country wise.   

Online fitness market

What’s the need to create your own fitness studio? 


The online boutique of fitness has emerged to be the turning point for the fitness industry which has given a huge opportunity for training enthusiasts. One among the studies indicates that running group classes in online studios is sound worthwhile & delivers a higher rate of retention since it is made available on the go! 

As our economy grows & becomes cautious towards, there has been a greater impact where fitness practitioners have streamlined the importance of health and wellness amongst the public. 

This creates an atmosphere of having a well-maintained physique of your users & gives a feel good about one remaining healthy, confident  & enriching by beating their fitness goals. 

  • Digitalization ensures best opportunities        

The shift of bringing at-home fitness has likely travelled since the pandemic arrived and still continues to make an effective difference in 2021 & beyond. 

The online fitness platform has made a real change for gym-goers who felt bottled up when not being able to make a visit to their fitness centers.  

Many fitness tutors made it possible for consumers to have on demand or live classes, one-to-one training sessions, to make it convenient-friendly on the basis of cost, time, reliability, etc. 

  • Ways to monetize fitness-based video content

As instructors you can create fitness programs online to make people welcome with your rigorous workouts not only through online video subscription packages.

Learn how to make money in fitness and there are ways where you can build a fitness community by making your content readily available with downloadable assets, fitness daily routine products, meal plan ebooks, recommended workout courses, etc. 

With millions of gyms global shutdown in the midst of pandemic, you can have a virtual studio when you no longer need to wait client schedules, reach more clients through real-time streams than managing to procure them in-person & some of the exclusive offerings like smart apps, fitness tracking devices can be offered to your most loyal customers.  

  • Community Networking and Fitness Content Promotion

When you know that you can encash much extra income to push through your income barriers, you’ll feel it’s a pretty good deal to try it out, right! Once you look into how to start an online fitness studio you can share your knowledge with other trainers & build your fitness community. 

Also you can extend it further by conducting online workshops to educate your viewers about the need for build live streaming fitness practices and gain essential contacts, helping you further. 

Additionally, you can promote fitness products through other bands like Amazon, & become an affiliate marketer to promote your brand ideals too. 

Steps to create and launch your online fitness program

In this trendy online marketing world, launching is quite a big thing with some persistent online fitness businesses who leverage on this key source of promoting & selling. When you look into how to create a fitness app studio business, you need to have a clear picture of how to start setting it right from fundamentals.. 

After all, your online fitness subscription -based content has a curated essence to share globally! Why wouldn’t you make some noise about it, right! 

Create your Online Fitness Program
  • Finalize your genre of fitness offering 

You need to decide which kind of services can help you to offer virtually in terms of feasibility and existing demand while working to create an online fitness program

In other words, your clients may not have the access to treadmills or elliptical machines, for you to have online classes. Therefore, you need to design your virtual workout programs which are easily accessible & convenient for them to practice. 

While in this hour of crisis, it is necessary for you to gauge your audience’s pulse as to what vitally they are in need of, & what kind of services would interest your platform members to consider trying it out!

  • Choose business revenue models

When you are in the urge of launching your fitness class platform, leveraging on key aspect of business, determines its pivotality. Monetization models like SVOD, TVOD and what is AVOD? can help you to unveil the same.

Membership Model with a Subscription Fee

People who subscribe for fitness video subscriptions (SVOD) must pay a monthly, or yearly charge to see your videos. It’s similar to having a Netflix subscription for your workout packs.

There are always two sides of the same coin: Let’s look into both


  • You can make a steady income
  • Your customers are with you for longer time
  • Repurposing video content becomes easy
  • Scaling revenue-generation is much more 


  • Investing content creation becomes regular 
  • To gain long ROI short-term incomes are traded off 
Online fitness program
  • Charge When You Train Model with a Transactional Fee

Here people pay a one-time cost to have complete access as you create online fitness programs, having ownership for allotted durations. It’s like buying a fitness course online. 

There are major merits & demerits to look around: Let’s explore them


  • You can offer full-time packaged plans at high-ranges
  • Having ready-to-use content, you can sell product it for years   
  • Easy to promote for in-person & for your clients 
  • Creating affiliate offers for 3rd party trainers is much easy 


  • Cash-in flow is always dependent on new customer lookouts 
  • Recurring income might not be predictable
  • Takes a while to create self-explanatory product
  • Marketing them takes more time to invest   
Monetize While Streaming linear Ads Model with an Advertorial fee  

With this, consumers can freely watch ads while viewing your exercise videos or training seminars & you can monetize via ads in between. It’s like showing TV ads to increase sales. 

Accordingly it carries its advantages & disadvantages: Let’s unveil both


  • Get to run strategic ads between any kind of videos 
  • Effective advertising solutions to make surplus revenue
  • Content owners can aim for engaging bigger target base 


  • Unwanted ads can distract audiences to view your content
  • Eventually it might put off & stop watching your videos   

Be Sure with the Type of Streaming

With each passing day the fitness industry experiences a substantial rise in its online mode of collaborative operations. With fitness businesses migrating online, you have the option of providing live streaming or pre-recorded sessions to your customers. Therefore, having spread of different services will provide a broader spectrum of choices, ensuring flexibility

“ Presently, according to LesMills research insights, it is estimated that more than 12,000 worldwide health clubs, virtual fitness classes which are in high demand, embrace these digital solutions. ”

Now, you might want to know the pulse of your fitness community. To understand them, you will need to know the pros and cons. 

Live Streaming

The fitness video sessions conducted in live streaming benefits value better as you can connect with your peers instantly through any device expressing in the spur of the moment. You have other factors to consider & they are listed below. 


  • A great way to start interacting with your users in real-time 
  • Platform members can feel connected & verify with learned content 
  • Defined schedules helps to account members participation in time 


  • Need to have detailed plan before connecting live 
  • Be thoroughly sure with exercise routines as mistakes can’t be overlooked

Pre-recorded fitness streams

When it comes to planned workout classes, it becomes way more accountable where you can entice your customers by providing a holistic conceptualization of health & fitness. Develop your recorded streams with much more detailed aspects listed below to choose your best way. 


  • Suitable way for tutorial to do revise workout lessons again & again 
  • Stream workout programs according to your user convenience
  • Turn your videos flawless since pre-recorded ones can undergo edits


  • In absence of real-time connectivity you can’t cross check user’s postures 
  • Personalization of fitness class isn’t possible and users can have limitations
How to make an online fitness program

Build your own fitness platform

All of these can be put under one roof & track its effectiveness in a place where people can come to get insightful knowledge as to what you do. That would be your digital-first unified fitness and yoga streaming platform having it upfront. 

I would suggest, the branded solution to stream fitness content can be ideally assured through CONTUS VPlayed. 

Some of its important features highlight with 100% customization, DRM & Security, Video Player, best enticing revenue models, etc for you to gain promising profits within your white-labeled VOD platform.  

  • Fix your price tags for your first-class streams

When it comes to online fitness studios, choosing the right pricing structure is very important – and it takes time to add the right value for your esteemed content. You can sell a high-priced product or a low-cost monthly membership that grows its importance over time.

Things that you need to do to grow your subscriber base

The key to corporate streaming success is directly proportional to member retention. Getting new clients is one thing; keeping them is quite another. You may grow your gym revenue by diversifying your revenue stream and continue to give exceptional client care.

Some of the ways that you can achieve this goal are: 

  • Referral program

Customer satisfaction is more likely to be high if you provide excellent customer service. Members who are pleased with your service would recommend it to their friends and family. 

Your member recommendation programme can be used to help you acquire new members into your fitness streaming platform

Thus, this can improve all parts of your streaming app platform when you provide outstanding customer service.

  • Foster Customer Loyalty

Once you foster an excellent quality of delivering services for them to be an integral part of your business, you need to keenly ensure that your enticed customers renew their membership card time & again, isn’t it! 

It is always known that good service impacts positive communication which has a satisfactory impression. This is an essential contributor for decision making for customers, who can lift your fitness business & take it to the next level. 

  • Focus on your core content

It’s a good idea to specialise and be extremely strong in one area in order to increase money. This is exactly what your fitness studios can be well-known for. 

Try offering varied service and expertise in a particular genre of fitness. Specialized experiences such as zumba, callisthenics, pilates, or gymnastics are extremely valuable. 

This strategy can be incorporated within your marketing as well. Concentrate on one subject and execute it exceptionally well.

  • Be in the trend

The present situation and the need of the hour is to be health-conscious & maintain a good health regime. So, there are plenty of trendy opportunities galore for establishing your fitness platform to upscale growth & achieve zenith! 

Also, if you have a remarkable business idea your target audience is eagerly waiting to hear it out for them to sweat up a storm!

So tap & capitalize using fitness networks to spread & celebrate the art of well being! Fitness is a way of leading life, not to be confined within closed studios.     


Few gyms had digital fitness platforms in place when the coronavirus pandemic struck. In just a few months, several companies have begun to diversify their revenue streams by offering virtual fitness services and products. To prepare for a post-COVID period, brands must adapt and change in response to shifting consumer behaviour. You can look for a solution by listening to your consumers’ demands.

If you are already planning to build your online fitness platform,

Get in touch with us to schedule a free demo and we’ll help you get started right from scratch!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Creating online fitness programs not just involves active participation of your clients, but focuses on continuous support irrespective of scheduled sessions. Make yourself available if anytime they need to reach you. Also reviewing virtual diet charts for users in your platform is another way to have an interactive fitness environment.

Grow your online fitness business virtually by filming your extensive workout programs in the brick and mortar model and sell them as on demand or live content. Eliminate any sort of communication barrier & grow your fitness audience by unveiling the content straight to their devices.

With multitude options of monetization with Subscriptions, Advertising, Pay-Per-View, Coupons & Promotions, etc; you can potentially establish your online-focussed fitness at home model that helps you to exponentially grow your audience base.

When you analyze how to create an online fitness program with basic or extensive coaching videos you can release top VODs in wearable devices to your users or impactful live content in mobile video streaming where you can reap constant monetary benefits. 

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