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Create Website Like Netflix: The Secret of Building Your Own Video Streaming Platform

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

Create Website Like Netflix: The Secret of Building Your Own Video Streaming Platform

Once a wise man said “You Stream it Like you Mean it”

DO you know how many people saw Movies on theaters last year? – 467 Million And at the same time people who streamed was about 1.5Billion. Alike other household commodities video streaming has become a part of household now. Personal theater once was a luxury and it has become a necessity through the concept of Streaming. Thanks to the Giant players like Netflix, Twitch, Youtube and others in the market who is a pioneer of new business models on building your own Video Streaming website.

Note: Netflix Revenue model is monetized through Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) with over 130 million subscribers worldwide and growing. Youtube monetize through Advertisements (AVOD) and also Video-on-Demand and Live Streaming Through Youtube RED. Twitch does both with the mix of SVOD and AVOD

Let’s get to the Bottom of it on how to start a Video Streaming website

A Quick Play on the Video Streaming Requirements used to Build World Renowned Video Streaming Platform

Netflix like video streaming website

Reliable Storage

A peerless cloud storage withholds the maximum or unlimited scalability of the streaming content. Highly scalable and risk-free cloud storage like AWS, Azure can handle the multitude of the streaming content throughout the streaming possibilities across the platforms.


Choosing the right streaming protocols defines delivering high-quality video and audio over the Internet. There are several video streaming protocols available in the market such as MPEG-DASH, RTMP, HLS etc.


Dynamic Bandwidth

A captivating bandwidth such as adaptive bitrate streaming technology would bring the best experience in delivering a buffer-free streaming experience in order to transmit over HTTP and broad-distributing networks.

Authentic Latency

Delivering enticing low-latency streaming capability is the extremist of a video streaming service, an ultra-low latency streaming functionality helps to minimize the chunk multimedia content.

Acceptable Jitter

A captivating bandwidth such as adaptive bitrate streaming technology would bring the best experience in delivering a buffer-free streaming experience in order to transmit over HTTP and broad-distributing networks.


Comprises all the exclusive features where security being the demanded functionality video streaming platform must possess. A robust security technology helps in safeguarding the overall content from the unauthorized access.

This gen captivated aspiring professionals to raise a million dollar question of “how to build a movie streaming website” to ignite the video streaming business value. To all these bewildered questions here comes the noteworthy solution Vplayed - All-in-one video streaming solution.

Vplayed is an online video streaming solution that entitles the content owners, publishers, broadcasters, operators in simplifying the complication of Video streaming which monetizing the content across the platforms. The solution improves the potentiality of the content owners to build their own video streaming website and app with customization to any extent. The live video streaming solution provides a complete pack of hosting, cloud storage and Managing your entire content on a single dashboard. The Solution helps to integrate your video content across the platforms and to build engaging content on any size of the screen to maximize the revenue for any sort of video.

What makes Vplayed impel the Noteworthy among the Global Video Streaming Solution Providers?

Absolute Video Streaming Features

Video content management system:

Vplayed simplifies uploading of videos by single drag and drop method. You can manage any number video and schedule it for hassle-free video delivery

Intuitive Player:

Enabling the streaming of the video content across the multiple platform and screens with HD embedded 4K resolution of the content on the media player which result in aggrandizing the massive audience base.


Video Distribution & Syndication

Vplayed is equipped with exemplary Content Delivery Networks that enhances the reachability to the right content to the audience at right time of every streaming content across the platform with effective broadcast licensing.


Better knowing about the audience is the best business strategy. You can get all insights about how each video is performing at the user’s end.

User Facing Features

User Profile Management

A complete access over the user account helps in personalizing the user profile based on the user’s appropriate functionality carried by the user throughout the usage of the platform.


Create, Customize and schedule everything you need to watch or “much liked” content, listen at the movement or on a later basis through a personalized playlist features offered by Vplayed.


Social Login

This provides the most uncomplicated way to users to sign-in to the video streaming platform where the sharing of videos and audios can be made just within a click.

Reliable Search

Discovering the exact search result expected by the users is made more preferable than ever before with Vplayed’ search engine.

Monetization Features


Monetize every piece of streaming or on demand content based on the importance of the video content through offering SVOD (Subscription video on demand) to your viewers based on monthly or yearly offers.


Every count on views increases your profit. Maximize the reach of your videos across the platforms and generate business through a number of views produced for every video streaming content or on demand content.



A limitless possibility to aggrandize your revenue through transaction by restricted access to some particular content on number views or hours for the viewers.

Purchasable Assets

Sell endless video assets to the global viewers by providing most engaging content for a deal in order to seize the opportunities of monetizing.

Video Security

IP based access control – allow only accessible viewers based on geographical of IP based networks.

Token Security – Accessing through physical electronic key by enabling password.

Water Marking – A digital marker to enable misuse of video content on other platforms.

Payment Security – Integrated with multiple Payment Gateways for effective payments over the video streamin solution.


Whatever the personalization, expectation the enterprise demand, Vplayed utilizes the comfort offered by using the advanced technologies to create the impeccable video streaming website like youtube or as per the Customizable requirement. Vplayed is tailor-made according to the requirement based on any specific industry that performs seamlessly on every platform.


The most significant part for enterprises and professionals to build your video streaming platform or to decide on partnering with video streaming solution, Vplayed ensures a complete one-time payment where every enterprise or professional can expect with absolute customization based on features that are future-centric.


Now that you are well aware that’s it worth to build a video streaming website like Netflix, Twitch and YouTube with extremely elite technology that delivers great results. This is the Cash Cow of the next-gen Streaming industry

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