Fitness App Development: How-to Build, Features, Cost & Technologies

Finding time to exercise is not a surprising factor, rather a reality as our fast-paced growing economy is tied down with busy schedules and everyday duties. Moreover, this has become a key reason for fitness app development to emerge. 

Fitness Comes First 

The solution of app development in fitness can address the major concern of your target audience who can put exercising as a routine helping them to better their fitness and health. 

Today, the conditioned working atmosphere has changed a lot of things, everything is channelized & efficiency of work is heightened. But, we tend to forget that our lifestyle has been compromised, due to which health is being overlooked. You can now leverage this aspect and create a fitness app and be a supplement for change that you wish to see and flourish in this streaming business.

The turnaround question is, how far can I go?

To answer this query, you can take a look at some of the fitness market evaluation statistics to launch your own fitness app development company. 

Did you know that the global health & fitness club market is expected to have sharp growth of 7.7% annually from 2020 to 2024? 

With this forecast, we can infer that a fitness streaming platform is going to shower lot of profitability in the market reign and will thus possess a huge potential for fitness enthusiasts, workout practitioners and fitness training experts. 

Hey, that does give an invite for you to earn your recurring rewards too, isn’t it! 

Great.. All heads up for that 😊

You can take your fitness studios and entice people around the world to be a part of it, with this super cool fact check coming up in your way!!

Surprisingly, by the year of 2024 this industry anticipates that its worth would approximately cover upto 96.6B U.S. dollars 😮🎯💲💲

Source: Statista

According to Market Research Future the global fitness app builder market is expected register at CAGR 31.25% during forecasted years between 2019 – 2026

That’s really amazing, right!! 

Okay readers.. Now let us look into 

Highlighted Top Features in Online Fitness App Development

Features in fitness app development

Are you wanting to showcase different kinds of fitness experience to inspire with your workout classes like no one? 

Here are some fitness app features that can help you: 

Customized Personal Profile

An important aspect while making a personalized fitness app relates to your UI. You can customize by providing custom metrics like weight, activity level, & other parameters.   

3rd Party Device Connectivity

Allow your fitness app development services to track their online content performance with multi device connectivity and analyze traffic, demographics within the same app platform. 

User Activity Tracking

Derive complete data of your users right from their liking, engagement rate, viewer sessions, geo-based inputs with your self hosted online fitness class platform. 

Geolocation Strategy

Insightful analytics like IP geolocation within centralized analytical dashboard will help you to track routes, analyze trip distances, slopes & enhance micro targeting

Instructional Tutorials

Instructional videos can help you to connect with your users in live & share diet charts. In this way you can showcase some of your innovative fitness exercises too.

Social Media Integration

Social channels can be a great resource for you to capture your user base. Therefore make sure you are socially active with your handpick fitness videos and drive your engagement.

Now let’s delve into 

Types of engaging features in fitness apps

1. Focussed Diet Plans

Tracking devices for specific functionality like calorie count, water intake, nutritional value information, can be given when it comes to diet plans within fitness app requirements. You can customize it further with food preferences & barcode scanning for security purposes. 

2. 24*7 Activity Tracking

Exercise plays a pivotal role in the fitness regime. So, you can design some target-centric activities like runners, cyclists, joggers depending upon the activity that they choose.  Your apps can give inputs like distance travelled, calories burnt, number of leaps taken or steps climbed to accordingly strategize workout videos. 

3. Workout Ways 

When you look into how to create a fitness app, you can have different permutations of it like making it centric to personal training, regular exercise studio or mimicking set up just like a gym. Further to customize it you can showcase workout to gain muscles, core strength, lower back, upper body or keep it simple with weight reduction.

How to monetize your fitness video app?

It is vital to have keen attention to the possibilities for monetization. Along with the online fitness class platform you need to have predefined revenue alternatives which can shower the uniqueness of your app. Make sure it should never have a negative mark on the user experience, but rather should intensify user engagement successfully. 

create a fitness app

Some of top fitness revenue holders are:

When you look into the best fitness app developers, the prime example of MyFitnessPal, lets us know with 7.5+M$ increased revenue through in-app purchases as of April 2021.  

However, Weight Watchers follow this cut throat competition & are ranked in 2nd position with 4.2M$ having combined profits from Google Play and Apple App Store.  

Types of revenue model in fitness app: 

Paid app

Today users download apps from play or app stores which are utilized in paying reasonable fees. This has established a symbolic membership between many app development companies and customers. 

However, many folks still prefer using free versions, which may profit a certain amount of time depending upon positioning of your product. A quality fitness service is all dependent on the kind of fitness app documentation you plan to provide. 


Subscription plans are frequently included as a proven best video monetization platform stage when discussing how to build and establish with a fitness app. It’s simple to distinguish between workout plans specified with their duration. 

You can offer a membership for the duration of a fitness or nutrition programme in addition to monthly & yearly subscriptions. You can consider planning variation revenue models based on features. Many businesses charge more for superior functionality.

In app ads

Fitness apps are one of the most popular app categories for reaching out to active users. As a result, they make an excellent platform for advertising initiatives. Banners, and native adverts are all examples of in-app advertising. 

That’s ideal for awareness, but it’s not ideal for interactivity. Using interactive video advertising to increase user engagement could be a nice idea. Each app’s ad format will be different.

How to create a fitness streaming app with VPlayed?

Wide adoption of technology when it comes to fitness! 

We all know that a fitness routine covers a lot of aspects that includes workouts, good nutritional value, and healthy supplements of sleep. Apparently, your audience is in sync with this idea and this has developed into a huge trend accelerated during the midst of Covid-19 

With less access points to gyms and in-person training, visual aids like virtual classes, live streaming in fitness have helped people to stay fit & make them agile.  

How does technology favour us to grow by using those features?

As you may make out from the above, tracking short term goals and monitoring health issues and always staying motivated are 3 essential reasons why people use fitness apps.  

Your advanced streaming potentials via online fitness gym can help users to regularize their routine wellness. 

How Fitness apps can be helpful to connect with Wearable Devices

Make sure your app is connected to as many trackers as possible when you plan around to incorporate video on demand fitness to support wearable devices. Some of the examples that can help you are Apple’s Healthkit, Google fit, & use with different APIs to connect with your designed application. 

Apart from these, there are many ways in which you can monetize your workout app. You can approach leading online fitness platforms like CONTUS VPlayed where you can launch your own streaming service and empower your first-class physical fitness videos seamlessly. 

Let’s take a look at its premium offerings! 

How to launch fitness app
VPlayed’s customized features helping gym enthusiasts & fitness practitioners streamline their fitness geared up content: 
  • Personalized Training 

Allow your fans to get in shape without the stress of commuting, according to their schedule and budget. VPlayed’s versatile fitness platform allows you to connect with your users one-on-one and help you to facilitate customizable workouts. Monetizing packages can assist you to have absolute accountability and regulate your user’s fitness progress 

  • Live Classes

Plugin live streaming fitness classes from anywhere around the globe for your subscribers. Your online fitness lessons can get more engaging if you use interactive features like chats, music, polls, games etc. This will help you to have real time engability and implement effective communication. 

  • Schedule Classes

Take the liberty to schedule live workout sessions, in your online fitness program class platform and send push notifications to participants. For consistent outcomes, deliver progressive rhythmic workout videos over a period of time to help your audience understand the vitality of physical fitness. This in turn can help you to establish a loyal audience base.

  • Live 1 to 1 Consultation 

You might have a scenario where your users would want to interact with you 1 to 1 consultation to take dietary tips, exercise inputs etc. VPlayed assists you to use separate live streaming sessions to broadcast your fitness guide or some special workouts for your users to practice,  in addition to consulting with experienced trainers online while exercising.

  • Fitness Video Courses

Everybody thinks to grow big, isn’t it! Likewise you can also create fitness courses with brief exercise videos that your regulars may easily access using VPlayed’s fitness video streaming solutions. Broadcast your energetic lessons to anybody, everywhere while on the move. Take your workout classes to the next level & stay connected at any given situation.

How to Create a Fitness App

Monetization leveraging factors from CONTUS VPlayed 

  • Subscription

SVOD popularly known as Subscription fitness video on demand ensures you with consistent revenue cash flows in your fitness video platform. Let your audience gain maximum workout plans through subscription packages that you offer monthly, quarterly or annually. 

  • Pay Per View

Pay Per View which is otherwise known as Transactional video on demand allows you to have planned strategies by restricting access to unique VOD premium content and monetizing every exclusive watch of your fitness on demand content.

  • Advertisement

Enable digital adverts to show you the penny on a regularized intervals through fitness video on demand content. You can ingest them in pre-roll, mid-roll or at the post rolls of videos and monetize them. Deliver free access to fitness VODs and promote your platform offerings.

  • Coupons & Promotions

Incentivization through discount vouchers and seasonal offers can help you to boost your platform performance as you are keeping up with evolving trends. Set your online marketing by  distributing coupons with a restricted configurable expiration date.

  • 3rd Party Ads

You can always share the load of generating revenue with 3rd party resources to cover your platform expenses & earn surplus profits. So, get to integrate on-demand fitness programmes with these resourceful advertising platforms such as AdZerk, Verizon Media, and others.

To Summarize: 

In this article, we took you through what elements that are critical for making a fitness app, fitness app development noteworthy features,  and the quintessential importance of health & wellness.  Building a fitness app isn’t as simple as it appears at first, but it will pay off in the long run as today it has become a staple in almost every digital corner. 

CONTUS VPlayed specializes in building custom-centric fitness apps and can provide you with the best end-to-end development team, quality assurance streaming expertise, and excellent customer service to make your ideal fitness app stand out in the market.

Want to triple up your ROI today via Fitness?

We help you with creating your own Fitness app to achieve your passionate goal!

fitness app development demo

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Creating a feature-rich wellness and fitness app has never been easier or more simple for personal trainers, dietitians, & nutritionists. All thanks to all-in-all app development technologies. They can now provide timely and effective whitelabelled services & monetize them through in-app purchases, 3rd party app integration, etc; while maintaining contact with their customers.

While carrying out your research on how to create a customizable fitness app,  the duration & cost of  development process are determined by a number of factors, including the app's capabilities, platform development services, location, whitelabelling, deployment opportunities, etc. With project specifications you can have a bespoke solution for designing a fitness app.

One can make recurring money by setting up highly intuitive health and wellness related apps via best fitness app builders & initiate monetization models for both on demand content as well as live fitness videos such as Advertisements, Subscriptions, In-App Purchases, Promotional Upsell, Pay-Per-View, etc. 

The mainstay features for the wellness app that need to be considered to build perfect fitness mobility solution are:  Mobile Video Streaming,  Boost Video Engagement through AI powered Recommendation Engine,  Wearable Devices Connectivity, Whitelabelled Live Video Tutorials, 3rd Party App Integration & much more.

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