20 September, 2021

Live Streaming Vs Video on Demand: Top Benefits, Uses and Options

Video producers don’t need guides or surveys to prove to them the video is booming as a medium of advertising– the effects are seen everywhere.

The websites that host content, or that allow creators to stream it live, are getting crowded. The sheer number of content creators publishing on a daily basis is increasing, and growth is expected to last — 

Cisco predicts that demand traffic towards on-demand streaming is set to double by 2022. That same year, over 17% of global internet traffic will be accounted for by live video alone.

What is Live Streaming?

live video streaming

The live streaming technology allows you to create comprehensive and engaging content in real-time that just resembles a bit of live TV! Here the concept revolves around how content publishers or content creators leverage their money-driving content within the spur of the momentary time in a live viewing audience! 

This gives optimum benefits of live streaming where, as content distributors you can put out your curated media as & when being created, having a less lag time in due course of filming to experiencing it! Ideally, this type of video monetization strategy distinguishes every industry with its own timely business niche needs.. 

Want to know more about how live streaming benefits for business?

Here we go! 

Benefits of Live Streaming for Your Business

The inspiration of live streaming strategy is triggered by the reality tv shows & ever-glorified YouTube. This is the channel where you could explore maximized live streaming uses by broadcasting anything that might be creating, right there and your audience is right in front you to have your attention.  

Some of its unexplored benefits are: 

  • Users consume content on your time

With live streaming platform, businesses can get to set their own schedules, engaging their users at the right time. For as long as the live stream runs, all eyes will be glued right there at once. Additionally, businesses can create the necessary hype before a live stream, ticket entries or generally increase excitement.

  • It’s not overcrowded yet

Live streaming is only just coming into the fray, which means the landscape isn’t as cluttered yet. This allows new businesses to break through to their audiences relatively easily, and leverage the benefits of live streaming before others catch up.

  • It reaches highly targeted niches

Quite like events, live streaming can be made to target selective niches. This creates an atmosphere of exclusivity and keeps selected audience demographics highly engaged. This is especially useful if businesses find that some sections aren’t as engaged as others– live streams can be used to reach out to them.

  • Real-time experience

Like I mentioned before, the audience is in so-real like space, the benefits of live streams give users to connect with your brands & have all means to understand your by-product within one-time experience. As content publishers you can create this sense of personalized connection between your brand and its approached users. 

  • Interaction 

Get yourself tuned to your audience by taking live polls, replying answers & share an interactive live streaming participation. The vital benefit of online streaming lets you to provide more ownership of your end content and connect better with your business. 

  • Cost reduction

The benefit of online streaming is unavoidable when it comes to cost-effectiveness delivered through live streams. Luckily, it allows all to have access to broadcasted live content at once covering one-time cost. Let’s say in a case of training programs, all employees can attend it with your set virtual timing & you are good to attend it live from any corner of the world! 

  • More hype

Grab the vital live streaming benefit by promoting live streaming events & create awaited excitement & business buzz.. Engaging your brand who might not know you, can help to open up new markets, entice new users and encourage free content promotion through this buzz. This live stream can encourage your attendees to share their new experience with their own fan club & talked more about your brand. 

Great… We have seen various benefits of live streaming solutions that connect your streaming market line in many ways…

Now let’s look further!  

When Is The Best Time to Use Live Streaming?

  • Concerts or Award Shows

Live streaming enables wider participation without people being physically present; it allows greater coverage and engagement.

  • Sports

Much like television, live streaming makes these events available to the masses albeit in real-time, to make the excitement of watching something live more genuine.

  • Announcements

Using a live streaming strategy captures your employee’s attention with company-wide announcements and customer’s reactions. 

  • Breaking News 

You can repurpose your streaming content by publishing video scripts   that can sound more effective than usual coverage, which brings maximum relevance.

  • Conferences

Broadcasting live conferences can gain new business collaborative opportunities & build a new audience with wider reach. 

  • Exclusive content

With live streaming uses you can automatically target your audience with the money-captivating content & convert your viewers to potential customers, who could follow you. 

  • Festivals

The content publishers may think why to throw a festival party inviting all, instead they can invite into live streams & celebrate wonders of lavish events! Also, as festival promoters, sync your event industry with successful integrated streaming technologies.  

  • Gaming

The content that is produced & consumed using live streaming benefits for business can provide an unedited perspective of your gaming framework. This can be facilitated to your gamers who can go live at any moment, anywhere & on-the-go. 

  • Time-sensitive productions

The live streaming strategy benefits with entertaining funnel experience is gained through extensive popularity. Since, live streams usually are time-sensitive productions, it can give you a huge user base that continuously grows every single day with increased engability. 

  • Q&A sessions

The main reason that you should care as content creators is with user interactivity that helps to enrich the worth of having a live streaming strategy. The exchanging information through Q&A sessions help you to capture your audience’s interests and know them well to stay connected with them in future. 

What is Video on Demand?

video on demand

Video on Demand is a system that allows your potential customers to consume selected video content that will be of their interest, on various devices like Tablet, TVs or PCs. In the line of on demand video business one of the dynamic streaks is leveraged through the use of IP or Internet Protocol. The key reason for video on demand benefits, million viewers and platform providers since the video data is transmitted via real-time streaming protocol.

 Benefits of VOD for Your Business

Doesn’t your brand feel worthy when your viewers are given some space to watch a video at their own convenience? 

Of course you do! 

Experiencing most video specials makes your customers feel comfortable knowing that they can view anytime, when video repositories in racks can give them a vast split watching zone rather than particular watch time.. 

To know more, here are some more benefactors of on-demand video business that can help you further! 

  • Connectivity

online video platform business runs cohesively based on strong internet connections and vital use of video on demand allows auto-adjust with low & high bandwidth according to area connectivity. This makes the streaming better. 

  • Variety

Any video business platform captures undivided attention only through creativity that are explored in the art of filming. Thus, content creators can alter filming techniques, post-processing & selective distribution tactics as compared to live streaming. 

  • Suitability

Video business platform fits well for today’s content owners or publishers since VOD penetration can have a widely distributed audience on several platforms. This helps your worthy video content to have better reach when compared to live streaming.  

  • More convenient for audiences

The freedom to watch videos when convenient racks up a more loyal following that is spread out over time rather than collected in a few hours.

  • Better connectivity

Video on demand platform isn’t as susceptible to weaker internet connections as live streaming does. This makes it more likely to penetrate low bandwidth areas better.

  • Freedom for creators

Creators can experiment with post-processing, filming techniques and distribution platforms– freedom that live streaming does not allow. 

  • More targeting options

VOD penetrates more areas than live streaming because they can be distributed on a wider variety of platforms.

When To Use Video on Demand?

The world of entertainment viewing has seen a predominant shift from prime time viewing to convenient time viewing. Therefore, your customers in-demand expect to consume high-iterated video content, at any time from any corner of the globe, right! 

Here are some vast uses of live streaming vs video on demand… Check them out now..

  • Fitness Vlogs 

Get your fitness regime multidisciplinary classes streamlined online & promote your secrets of staying healthy with effective videos-on-demand for a longer period.  

  • Spiritual VODs 

Cover some of the major spiritual lesson topics by creating on-demand videos and connect to your audience through major benefits of online streaming.

  • Entrepreneurial Stories

The major highlights of VOD app is about getting desired business insights from pioneer business leaders who can deliver motivational talkies through practical learning videos of business acumen. 

  • Memorable Relays 

Enliven epic test series with video on demand uses that were streamed prior & provide your customers with same excitement to relive those calculated moments of the game. 

  • Film Videos 

Harness the power of video platform by showcasing various movie clips and rhetorical music videos that are compelling for your audiences to watch them in the form of the best VODs.    

  • Educational Streaming

Educational video streaming solution helps institutions make lectures and slideshows available online for students. It also enables seminars, webinars and orientations. These can be watched when the student sees fit, or based on a deadline specified by the instructor.

  • Press Events

Press events can make use of pre-recorded videos to be played on-demand at multiple events. This prevents the need for busy speakers to attend every event. 

  • Entertainment Shows

Making entertainment shows available on-demand allows viewers to watch it when they can.

Till now you will be having fair knowledge of the benefits of on-demand streaming & live streaming. Let’s understand what distinguishes the two in the next section! Come on in!  

Live Streaming vs Video on Demand: What is the Difference?

Live vs on demand streaming are two powerful streaming strategies that can be implemented in popular online video platform business. But, here’s the highlight! 

Live streaming content is directly exhibited live to the public and without the first bite of recording live video, you may not create the VOD streams individually. 

On the other hand, when we put VOD vs live streaming, there is a less chance to monetize live streaming content as it is restricted to a certain period and later it loses momentary value of your curated media. 

Having said that, both monetization models have individual importance and can vary according to the business goals that one focuses on. To my best of knowledge, I would recommend you to opt for VOD streaming solution, since it’s a constant mode of revenue-generating business solution that keeps your online streaming platform highly valuable. 

Once you have figured out the best solution for your video business platform, mind to know with important features that empowers it too! 

Features to Look for in a Unified Platform 

  • HTML5 video player

Get your on demand video business enhanced with best multi-linguistic support with HTML5 video player integrated with video wall configuration which is upto 12 displays. Assure to provide a clutter-free experience with multiple-screen resolutions in multi-devices.  

  • Automatic transcoding

Since video files can vary in size, these need to be compressed at a format. Auto video transcoding comes into play when an uncompressed file that is fetched is again recompressed to a desired extent. This can enhance your video streaming better. 

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

Definitely being the online video platform business, optimized storage capacity is necessary! ABS Technology provides ideal bitrate streams with low and high bandwidths. Also, this can be useful in video encoding in cloud for the same. 

  • Global video delivery

Empower your video distribution strategies with quality-graded performance. Be assured  with smooth content delivery through advanced CDNs & schedule private videos to geo locations in advance. 

  • Monetization and advertising

Effective video monetization models can help you to wisely capitalize your content that focuses your business goals on the long run. Some of them comprise SVOD, AVOD and TVOD revenue-minting models.  

  • Security and access control

Providing your HD video streaming access to particular ones, would be ideally protecting your revenue flows & valuable content. Some of the solutions that can ease your security control would be password and login protection protocols. 

For many first-time video users, it appears that there’s no immediate winner in the VOD vs live streaming showdown. Live and on-demand streaming have their fortes; certain events are ideal playing grounds for live streaming because they tend to be engaging in and of themselves.

Why Shouldn’t Live Streaming and VOD be Mutually Exclusive?

When the answer to “what is vod and live streaming” comes out in the open, it becomes clear that the two shouldn’t be exclusive of each other.

Many entrepreneurs can choose a hybrid business model to develop the most innovative streaming platform via top video on demand solution providers.

  • They use live streaming to create real-time engagement with their audience, disseminate information and increase brand recall.
  • They also record these live videos and upload them later as a VOD content piece, so that people can return to watch it, albeit at a later stage.
  • Some also pre-record content to be streamed live at a scheduled time, which is beneficial when social distancing regulations are strict.


VPlayed is a white-label OTT platform all rolled into one. It is customizable from end to end and offers buffer-free live streaming on a variety of devices.

Both live streaming and VOD are beneficial today, so growing businesses must invest in all-in-one platforms for efficient content delivery.

Live streaming vs VOD
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