VOD Streaming: What it is & Why Its Important?

Nuances of Dominant Streaming On Demand 

Video on Demand which is also known as VOD stream refers to popular videos that are published across global platforms and made available all times to the targeted viewers.  The key reason to name it as Video on Demand, is because in the past, consumers watched the TV sets in the scheduled times where the choices for end-users were quite restricted. 

Therefore, it is said that in the VOD streaming market, this visual medium is made available which is in high-demand, anywhere, at any moment, on any device making it completely flexible. 

How come there’s a spike in subscription on video on demand streaming?

We all know that a pandemic shift has positively impacted the VOD online streaming market & has been helping market players to widen their subscription services through the advent of digital advertising. 

It doesn’t just stop there.. 
According to Google’s observation, when looked into video data watching habits, consumers who are aged between 13 to 64, watch numerous combinations of content that range from traditional to online video streaming media.

How Do VOD Streaming Providers Leverage This Factor?

Apparently, VOD streaming providers take this as a huge leveraging opportunity and tend to increase their pricing strategy for them to reach out to a larger consumer base. 

According to statistics, Pay-TV streaming video on demand in South Africa  is anticipated to have a sharp increase of 18% VOD business growth by the year 2026. Source: Global Market Insights

Some of the eminent  growth driving factors consist of flexibility in remote viewing, internet penetration increase & global adoption of smartphone use, rise in live streaming to avoid social gatherings,  alluring video packages across Asia-Pacific market & lots more.

” Did you know according to statista’s projection the average revenue per user in VOD streaming services segment accounts to $47.86 in 2021 and the number of users is subsequently expected to rise & have 2,218M users by the year of 2025! “

Next, let’s dive deep into the subject matter of….

What is VOD Streaming? 

What is vod streaming

Today, you really don’t have to check what is VOD streaming does! These days, it’s found everywhere right from the funny videos in facebook, be it your favourite Netflix show, any kind of promotional video watched on any business website it all implies the same. VOD streaming platform has flourished online content delivery & is the interactive future. 

Some of the latest survey studies indicate that audiences prefer consuming content in the form of videos which are more relatable, rather than email communication, infographic advertising & informative blog articles.    

How streaming service worked during crisis hour & how entertainment releases took over high to showcase it directly via VOD streaming??

The Internet is considerably quicker and more cheap today than it was a few decades ago. People are preferring to migrate to alternate internet-based entertainment sources such as streaming VOD solution, which offer far more freedom and variety in content. One of the examples like in-flight entertainment on long-haul destinations take the major attention of travellers. 

Despite the time of the world-faced health crisis, the large percentage of direct releases to video on demand services has shed light on scaling maximized revenue, especially for filmmakers, content owners, channel distributors, etc. 

Most of the prerecorded on demand video streams have been exclusively broadcasted by adopting transactional video on demand and was the talk of the town during lockdown series. This resulted as a worthy pay, for subscribers with the help of paywall feature, after which content could be accessed with one-time purchase. 

What Streaming Services are Popular in Recent Times? 

Some of the popular streaming platforms that are pioneer and rule the premium VOD industry are Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. These services, on the other hand, are provided by the network’s official partners for consumer-oriented entertainment purposes. These sites do not allow independent authors to own their revenue share completely using their creative content.

At this crucial moment when you are aiming to upscale monetization, better reachability and high means of engagement in one shot, one of the leading VOD platform providers, VPlayed helps you to excel your row of VOD league in prime time, as it is the need of the hour! 

Cater personalized & glitch-free on-demand videos in a completely customized & whitelabel VOD platform. Have platform ownership with a reliable video on demand hosting & 6+ revenue scaling models to start earning in no time.  

Hell ya,, you must know its other advantages too..   Here it comes on the way!!

vod stream

The Benefits & Advantages of VOD Streaming

The latest show-stopper which catches & holds attention is the VOD strategy!

The present trend favours the concept of Video on Demand, and many people enjoy it. They only have to pay for what they watch, and the video library is extensive & non-stop to meet the demands of the viewers.

Let’s know about its key merits! 

  • VOD is quick and very convenient

You can facilitate your consumers with on demand streaming services in a jiffy as it doesn’t require any need for them to view only after downloading. Instead while offering autoplay functionality they might need to stop & watch on the click of a button! 

  • VOD requires meagre set-up time and costs low 

As compared to other forms of video distribution the cost and time required to start up a VOD platform are quite minimal. Moreover, it doesn’t require users to manually pick up from the video store to view your content, as setting it up is easy & effective. 

  • VOD has a faster & wider reach

Now there is no friction for your platform users to take the desired action as VOD presence can pan across varied devices like Desktop, Smartphones, Roku, Chromecast, Tablet, HTML5, Smart TV,etc. Today every viewer is connected from their choicest devices almost every time. 

  • VOD captivates micro targeting and content analytics

Since it has a wide mode of device to have better reach, your streaming video services can get maximum engagement through micro targeting. You can easily learn about your audience preferences & demographics with their custom metrics data for catering their needs personally. 

  • VOD helps to convert it better

You can showcase your taylormade video content according to the needs of your audience and target the right aspect of what interests them the most. With the guidance of analytics data, conversion tools like buy now buttons, website redirection, or key CTAs acquisition gets better.  

  • Multiplies your audience base 

Now as video broadcasters you can elevate your streaming platform by transforming recorded video right from live events to make it available for later viewing to your users. By this you can multifold your reach 2x and capture a wider audience.

  • Puts viewers in complete control

By accessing on-demand content in streaming VOD app development or utilizing a nDVR capability viewers can have complete control over the platform for immediate time-shifted playback, and they can play, pause, or rewind videos at their leisure.

  • Monetizes real time videos to on-demand content

By allowing broadcasters to redistribute copyrighted content of theirs, they leverage one of the revenue strategies which is turning the live videos to VOD capabilities that can help to enhance and boost ROI.

Next, coming forward we’ll give you the best way to capitalize your video content and skyrocket your revenue with these! 

Best Monetization Models for VOD Streaming

Presently, we are no longer in the time of having family TV sets to watch a single show! Instead, viewers of today may select what they wish to watch from a stream on demand catalog. Therefore it implies that users can be engaged with different sources & to achieve this, you need a strategic plan to route it through.  

Here’s all you need to know about the various VOD monetization methods and how to choose the best one for your business.

VOD streaming with Monetization model

SVOD – Subscription Video on Demand

What is SVOD?- Subscription video on demand or SVOD streaming allows customers to pay a fee based on monthly, quarterly or annual basis in exchange for unlimited access to a large library of audio or video content till the term of the build video subscription platform ends. This video monetization approach is said to be comparable to traditional TV packages since its durability enhances sustainable revenues. 

AVOD – Ad-Based Video on Demand

AVOD is majorly implemented in Asia-Pacific countries. Users can watch video content for free using this VOD monetization angle. However, much like on broadcast television, customers can access content through targeted advertising, and AVOD streaming efficiates to be major platform owner’s revenue source. YouTube is a well-known example for AVOD advertising. 

TVOD – Transaction Video on Demand 

When your users look into what is live streaming, TVOD sounds to be very much effective out of the three alternatives. Users pay per view to stream and access content that isn’t available anywhere else except on TVOD. TVOD in action is a pay-per-view model, such as Sky Box Office charging extra for a wrestling match or a live concert streamcast online.

Coming up next, we’ll give a brief overview of….

How to Start VOD Streaming Business? 

You might very well know that people have changed their viewing habits right from TV sets to the best VOD platforms. That gives us a clear picture that none in your audience are searching what does vod stand for and so & so forth! This makes it convenient for you as video providers  to make a video on demand website which is a smarter idea to catch their attention! 

Three ways in which you can categorically differentiate them is: 

Choose your content

First thing that you would check is how does online streaming work and find VOD as the right choice, you need to decide which genre of your content is good to go with. VOD assets are then created, organized and monetized according to brand set objectives in a unified way.  

Produce your content

You might start either creating or commissioning content once you mark your video strategy. Depending on your goals, populating a video library with enough content, to allow visitors to search and consume more is a good idea. Additional curated content is much more beneficial. 

Promote your content

When it comes to getting your content seen, promotion is crucial. Promotion can take many forms, right from sending an email to your selective employees, to in-app notifications of new on-demand content arrivals, paid campaigns, etc. Social media plays a dominant role here. 

Get Started Your VOD streaming with VPlayed

Benefits of vod streaming

You may wish to discover an appropriate hosting service for your video material, now that you realize its importance as wireless internet video portals are a core part of your business. VPlayed is a fantastic choice for next-gen video streaming. 

VPlayed has the most enticing top-rated features, which set it apart from other VOD streaming services. It empowers you to create a white-label VOD platform with complete customization along with on cloud/on premise hosting, with 6+ video monetization platform, 3rd party integration services, & much more.

Apart from these you can also integrate 3rd party AVOD streaming services at server side, get live dashboard to regulate your essential analytics & help you build your branded on demand streaming platform. 

All of these you can collectively have with life-time ownership getting constant revenue shares & heavy bucks on investment returns. 

To conclude 

Consumer tastes and requirements evolve throughout time, but one constant thing that will remain is: the increased need for value and convenience of use. This is why  video-on-demand (VOD) will continue to be popular for a long time and will continue to boggle the minds of active consumers.

Are you on the verge of creating your own VOD streaming platform?
If so, you can  check our free demo & from there we’ll assist you to kickstart with your on-demand business!
VOD stream

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

It is forecasted that, video on demand market is expected to flourish by USD 87.1B by 2024 creating a CAGR of 17.5%. Here, you can readily entertain viewers irrespective of time shows or even upload recorded ones later on any device. You can offer sparked binge watches with benefits of connectivity, cost, faster conversion rate, variety, etc.

The power of VOD streams translates curated content into consistent revenue and provides better monetization opportunities. Right from mid to large-scale businesses, those who are looking to improve their video businesses  VOD lets you to stream any number of videos, with nil geo restrictions, a simple approach to publicize anytime, etc.

When we talk about what is the key difference between VOD and live streaming, in the case of  on demand, with any video library users can select a show/movie that they want to watch is all about VOD. On the other hand, live streaming lets users connect to your content in real time, no matter wherever they are & increase follower engagement. 

There are a variety of VOD business monetization models to choose such as ad-supported on-demand videos (AVOD) subscription-based video on demand (SVOD), Transactional-based (TVOD) video on demand, SSAI, 3rd party ad insertion, & everything combined in between, you can generate lots of revenue from audiences of all sizes.

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