Whitelabel Video Streaming Platform: Top Benefits & Features To Look in 2022

The pandemic has enormously impacted the demand for the VOD market. Across the globe, consumers invest more time on video streaming consumption over multiple devices and have exponentially aided the market players in expanding their subscriptions via digital advertising. Video-On-Demand streaming through smart TVs and smartphones drives the market revenue progressively. Leading businesses and content broadcasters are venturing into the segment by showing progressive interest in owning a white-label video streaming service.

“The size of the video-on-demand market was at 55 billion USD in 2019 and is steadily growing at 15% CAGR from the year 2020 to 2027. In 2021, the user penetration will be 23.9% and will hit 28.5% by the year 2025”

What is VOD? White label VOD platforms like Prime, Netflix, HBO, and many more are infusing artificial intelligence into their platforms to keep track of the viewer’s history and make the most out of it to boost the revenue prospects. You get to mix the 3rd party branding and advertisements with video hosting channels and upscale your brand’s success.

“Video-On-Demand revenue is expected to reach 85,759 USD by 2021 and the revenue reflects an annual growth rate of 10.43% projecting a market volume of 127,512 USD by 2025”

Video on demand market revenue

Source: Statista

In this blog, let us walk through the prime aspects of owning a white-label streaming service and how to choose the right features in owning one.

Get to Know All About White Label Streaming

To put it simply, white-label video streaming uses a custom video player that primarily showcases your labeling than any other 3rd party branding. In the streaming world, the white-label video hosting platform enables the broadcasting of content without any display of links or logos leading back to the page of the provider.

With more advanced integrations, there are user-friendly VOD platforms and white-label streaming services that require no technical backgrounds. More content broadcasters are aided by the white-label players for the promotion of online video content.

Various Categories in White Label Streaming Platforms

The discussion on video streaming is never complete without acknowledging the prime varieties of online video content, VOD, and Live streaming. Listed below are the range of streaming varieties infused into the white-label platforms for the desired outcomes.

White Label Streaming Platforms

White Label OTT Platforms

It capitalizes on the OTT delivery approach to stream video content with the nuances of a white label video player.  The video on demand hosting content, live streams, or a mix of both can happen smoothly with this platform.

Over the top or OTT is a simple media distribution way that enables both On-demand and Live streaming of videos. It differs drastically from the traditional video distributions as it stays above in streaming with the advanced technological features via the internet.

White Label Live Streaming Platforms

It is an online video channel well equipped with selective attributes for live streaming the video content in real-time. Live streaming is used in hosting a variety of areas such as remote audiences, connecting with viewers, virtual events, etc.

The prime aspect of live streaming is that it gives a more real experience than any VOD app and helps in grabbing the attention of viewers. Businesses and organizations give access to the advantages of having a video platform for increased security, HQ streaming, and more.

White Label VOD Platforms

With a customizable white label player,  the content broadcasters can deliver and host VOD content. It is a major category of video streaming and it differs from live streaming as it gives the viewers the flexibility to access the content.

On-demand video streaming ensures the availability of live stream videos for repeated views and it boosts the viewership as well as increases the revenue prospects with monetization.

Advantages of White Label Streaming Service

There are vibrant benefits associated with white-label streaming and they enhance the output of content broadcasting with more flexibility, organization, and video monetization. By using a white label VOD provider, you get to infuse industry-standard attributes to outsmart the competition in the market.

White Label Streaming Service

Assured High Quality

As more VOD channels give free hosting services to allow showcasing of your content but you end up being at their mercy. The quality of streaming will be reduced and in some cases, they might take down your content for any violations or legal regulations. When you own a white-label VOD platform, you get to have complete control over the quality of your streaming.

Use of Expert Video Players

For a smoother video streaming experience, content providers make use of the advanced industry technologies in the white-label video streaming business. Starting from the use of HLS players, UI, to UX, expert video player technologies are used to ensure smooth integrations and streamlined management of content to deliver the complete viewing experience to the viewers.

Retention of Brand

You get to fully customize the features to suit your brand and its purposes. The viewing experience, colors, brand logos, controls, and many more can aid in the retention of the brand name. This builds brand loyalty and ensures one-step video access for the viewers.

Smart Ad-Free Viewing

Viewers will have to witness the Ads for a free experience when the VOD streaming happens in a 3rd party video player. VOD premium payments can ensure an Ad-free experience by getting rid of commercials but it is a part of the streaming routine. In some cases, the advertisements of your competitors can fuel your loss of clients if they stream as ads on your channel.

Gain Full Control and Access

Owning a white-label service will let you personalize and customize the video-on-demand platform to suit your requirements. Control the access of your video content, viewing experience, monetization, and much more to build your business growth and grab the attention of viewers. This improves the quality and experience of streaming delivery.

Multiple Video Monetization Models

Check for the monetization models offered by the white-label VOD platforms as it increases your business prospects. It is one way of making profitable revenue without paying any percentage cuts or commissions on any income earned. Pick the right monetization models and place the Ads as per your choice while building a VOD platform.

Choosing a White Label Video Streaming Platform From CONTUS VPlayed

Before you start to build your own VOD streaming channel, you have to get associated with the right solution provider with top-notch streaming attributes for progressive business growth.

White Label Video Streaming Platform

So what makes CONTUS VPlayed an expert solution provider? Explore further to know why.

Advanced Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

With the adaptive bitrate streaming attribute of VPlayed, you get to analyze the bandwidth and device capability of your viewers for delivering a superior viewing experience. You can ensure automatic adjustment of video quality and improvise on the output.

Compatible Multi-Device Delivery

With the assistance VPlayed’s transcoding, you can make conversion of video from one format to another without compromising on the quality and ensuring a compatible VOD streaming across all devices.

Upscale Chances

VPlayed gives you a white-label VOD solution with a sturdy content delivery network for upscaling your business as per your needs.

First class security and Increased Revenue Generation

You can protect your VOD content with VPlayed’s DRM tools to thwart any digital piracy and upscale our revenue prospects with the multiple monetization models by smoothly integrating into your white-label streaming service.

Customized White-label Solutions

VPlayed offers white-label solutions for having your VOD streaming platform customized to suit your business requirements and aid in developing a flexible structure.

To Sum up,

Starting from corporates, education institutions, content creators, to broadcasters, investing in a white-label online video platform allows ownership of video content, improves business, increases ROIs and your customers exponentially. Get yourself associated with a fully customizable white-label solution provider like VPlayed to carve a niche for yourself in the streaming industry with their expert futuristic tools.

Are you starting a new white-label VOD streaming platform?
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